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Driving Course

The Drive Consists of All Major Roads, Subdivisions And Freeway Drive Time.


The Parking is the First Required Portion of The Road Test !

 All Drivers Must Demonstrate the ability to:

  • Pull Up to an Object.

  • Back into a Parking Space.

  • Parallel Park Their Vehicle.


Prior to moving onto the Driving Portion of The Road Test !

 Road Test Fee $80

Road Test is $80 

Retest Fee is $60

We Accept Only Cash or Check !

No Credit Cards !!


All appointments are scheduled on the hour

and will take Approximately 45-55 minutes.

We Are Open

6 Days A Week

For Your Convenience  


16 & 17 Year Old "Must Have"Documents

1.Level One Permit

2.Segment II Card

3.Logged Hours Added Up

4.Car Registration

5.Car Insurance

18 & Older Documents

1.Permit (TIP)

2.Car Registration

3.Car Insurance

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